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We deploy our capital, network, and expertise to support entrepreneurs with ambitious plans and the determination to achieve them.

We are Quadrum Capital

Entrepreneurship drives us. Engagement unites us. No-nonsense defines us. We understand what it takes to propel a business forward and prepare it for the next phase of growth. grounded and deeply involved as co-entrepreneurs, we stand alongside each venture. Backed by financial strength and a high-caliber network, we aim for results. Together, we drive growth, break into new markets, and confidently take that next step forward. 

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Quadrum was founded by and for entrepreneurs, giving us a unique understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape. We harness the power of a diverse group of over 300 entrepreneurs, each with their own distinctive network.


We distinguish ourselves with our approach, experience and high-quality network, making us a partner of choice


We are highly selective in our choice of investments, employing modest entry multiples and conservative funding levels

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Our seasoned team represents high-level management experience and expertise


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